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Join GCM in a momentous event bringing together grassroots community leaders, technology innovators, agency representatives, academic researchers, policy analysts and…you!

Global Community Monitor, Public Lab and Louisiana Bucket Brigade are partnering to host the Community Based Science for Action Conference November 15-17, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Community Based Science for Action puts the power of scientific data back in the hands of people.

Community based monitoring is a crucial piece in the fight for Environmental Justice.  Empowering community residents as experts of their neighborhood allows residents to collect data when and where they have concerns about pollution.  That helps to eliminate gaps among regulatory agencies and identify toxic hot spots within the community.  Neighbors can then use that data to advocate for additional monitoring and/or enforcement and work to create healthy communities for themselves and their families.

This conference will bring folks together to: Mobile 049

  • Share the latest community-based scientific sampling techniques and methodologies to find out what will work best in each community.
  • Learn to master the skills needed for a successful grassroots campaign, such as storytelling and fundraising.
  • Network and collaborate with community activists, innovators, academics, technical experts and agency representatives to work effectively together and build supportive relationships.
  • Learn from challenges and successes from communities that have won major victories using community-based science.
  • Develop ideas to put community gathered data to work in neighborhoods, from media strategies to enforcement networks that bring together residents and government agencies, there’s something that will work in every community.

About Martinez Environmental Group

We are a community health and environmental group located in Martinez, CA.
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