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Supreme Court upholds rules curbing greenhouse gases from power plants

By David G. Savage  LA Times   June 23, 2014 “…requires new or rebuilt factories and power plants to use the “best available technology” to limit their emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.”

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Our Power National Convening – August 6-9, 2014 – Richmond, CA

Register now!

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Report on Healing Walk #3 – Benicia to Rodeo

Our third Connect the Dots Healing walk was a big success! Idle No More led the way as 50-60 concerned citizens walked over 14 miles from Benicia all the way to Rodeo. Composed of walkers both young and old, bicyclists, … Continue reading

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Martinez Environmental Group: Schools, pipelines & trains

By James Neu    Martinez Gazette    June 12, 2014

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The California Nurses Association is sponsoring a third town hall meeting to discuss the proposed closure of Doctor’s Hospital in Richmond. This is the emergency facility that treated the bulk of the 15,000 citizens adversely effected by the Chevron explosion and … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Filed – Chevron Refinery Permit to Pollute Exposed

Today Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) filed suit against the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for the District’s illegal permitting of the Chevron (“Modernization”) Expansion Project. CBE had previously requested the District to revoke the permit that allowed Chevron to … Continue reading

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Washington City Rejects Massive Oil Train Project, Citing ‘Unacceptable Risks’

By Emily Atkin   June 4, 2014   (reposted from the Benicia Independent) votes-to-oppose-crude-oil-train-terminal-unacceptable-risks/

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State denies Martinez plans for new school

”   unacceptable because it is transected by two gas pipelines, one water line and three oil pipelines. That means the existing school cannot be improved and no new public school may be built there.” By Dana Guzzetti   05/27/2014

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The 1 percenters

Guy Cooper, Martinez Environmental Group    May 8, 2014     The Martinez Gazette “U.S. rail is reported to have spilled more oil in 2013 than in the previous 37 years combined, 1.15 million gallons.”

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BP Pipeline Sprays Oil-Gas Mixture on 33 Acres of Alaskan Tundra

By Brandon Baker  May 2, 2014 

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