No Re-Zoning Without an EIR! Respond Now!

Help protect our open space. The Martinez City Council has already approved 3 major high density projects in our city that are being built now. There is no need for this project, and it will make open space a target forever more. Please send something NOW to the City to get our concerns in the official record.

Please send a simple e-mail to
to oppose this project. Unless an Evironmental Impact Report is done, 100 houses are proposed on this 26 acres of land that is now zoned “Open Space and Recreation, Permanent”.

Here are simple facts to state. Use any of these words you want or use your own:
Re: Vine Hill Project—Pine Meadows

Re-zoning open space for housing development has a major affect on the environment, on greenhouse gases and climate change, on our property values and our quality of life. A full EIR is required.

Your report states this about the site: “mature woodland vegetation”; “nesting and foraging habitat for a variety of birds” including special-status birds protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act; “habitat for… The California red-legged frog”—an endangered species; “presence of wetlands” near man-made pond. Forty-seven (47) old protected trees will be killed, including redwoods and many oaks.

Think of what this land could be. The EIR requires looking at alternative uses for this property. That is a major reason why an EIR must be done before you decide to rezone it. This property could be used to be a positive benefit to the community and help solve environmental and climate change issues we face. Housing development with do the opposite—“The project would eliminate foraging habitat …and…require removal of all trees.”

The current “Open Space and Recreation, Permanent” zoning for this property is one of the highest uses of property and the zoning should not be changed without a full EIR.

Additonally, the major General Plan change you propose will have a City-wide affect on open space, as it will allow you to easily convert more open space to housing. That alone requires and EIR due to the extent of the changes it would force on Martinez residents.

Here is a link to all the reports on this project on the City website.

About Martinez Environmental Group

We are a community health and environmental group located in Martinez, CA.
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