Declaration of the Rights Held by Future Generations and Bill of Responsibilities for Present Generations

Women's Congress for Future Generations

What follows is a living draft Declaration of the Rights Held by Future Generations and Bill of Responsibilities for Present Generations. These were first drafted by those who attended a Congress for the Rights of First Generations convened in Moab, Utah in the fall of 2012. Not wanting to speak on behalf of those whose voices were not represented, Congress participants conceived of these as working documents to be amended in perpetuity, as an ever-widening circle add their voices to these statements, and as these rights and responsibilities are passed down from generation to generation.

All are invited to join in this effort. The purpose of this blog is to house this document so that it can be debated, amended, and edited by a wide group. We seek your wisdom. We invite you to draft what might be absent from current iterations of this document, to add to it…

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